About Brave

We make beer. Great beer, if we do say so ourselves. We approach brewing with an understanding that good things in life are usually simple. The secret ingredient is passion. So we take classic recipes and build on the experience by adding our passion to the process, before, during and after.

You see, being brave doesn’t mean you have to be a baby-saving hero who flings their body in front of danger with no regard for their own safety. Sure, those people may receive medals for extreme acts of courage, but bravery comes in all shapes and sizes.

As we see it, being vulnerable is the bravest act to commit. You don’t hide behind armour. You face life head on, confident of your power within. And you understand that in life you only get what you give.

Welcome to Brave.


We’re putting our money where our name is and pledging 1% of our profit, product, time and equity to support non-profits in our community. We believe success isn’t a ladder you climb — it’s a bridge you build that inspires others to find their courage and help design their own success.