First DAte


AVB 6 %   |   473 ml

The chemistry of attraction is an equal blend of familiar comfort and the thrill of the unknown. Feeling like you’ve known someone forever even though you just met.

A hazy halo surrounds them as they walk in the room. You put your heart on the line and ask, “Hey, can I buy you a hop-forward-IPA-with-a-pillowy-head-and-a-hint-of-citrus-on-the-nose?”

They blush.

Grace Under Pressure


AVB 4.25 %   |   473 ml

Life comes at us like a steam engine, hurtling down the line. Most are coins on the track, oblivious to their  oblivion. But you know you can either hop that train or get crushed under the weight. When it’s down to the wire, you take the wheel, grab the last straw, and stick it between your teeth.

Grace Under Pressure is crisp, classic lager that pushes through with poise and integrity. A refreshing reprieve from a world that doesn’t stop until you tell it to.

Last One Standing


AVB 6.2 %   |   473 ml

Many try, but few have what it takes to endure. For greatness isn’t achieved in a day.

But you have the grit to forsake the idea of impossible. You have the guts to step over a line in the sand.

With a complex maltiness and caramel backbone, Last One Standing is an equally badass amber lager with the courage to know there is nothing on the other side of fear.

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Courage is inspiring. Whether it’s standing up, speaking out, or pushing through.

We want to hear about everyday stories of bravery. Maybe a friend overcame a fear you never thought they could. Your cousin accomplished a lifelong goal.  Your grandparents told you an astonishing story from the past that you hardly believe is true.

Bravery grows with inspiration. We’re asking you to share a story that would inspire others who are looking to find their own courage...